Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A good use of dead Queens, 2008


I used the iconography of prehispanic cultures of Mexico and tried to set their polytheistic view in our present, I was looking for the creation of new deities that opened the door to salvation, gods of madness and their own places of worship: “allow the fools run the heart of the world”.

(This project started with a text about freedom, which argued that the true freedom as the dictionary definition says: only exists inside us, in our mind, because in reality we are bound to ethical and moral standards, then the project made reference to salvation (common theme in my work). It was against religion too, so I proposed new gods that could offer freedom or at least could let us live happily in an imaginary world)

(This project was completely poetic, all was invented in my mind but based on a poem that describes “Madness” as a place that we all visit sometimes: For reason to exist there must exist madness).

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