Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When the ruins bloom, 2011-(work in process)
This project
is a tribute to the situations that emotionally shake us, unbalanced, disarm.
Those moments that make us uncomfortable but that show us as we are, without masks or characters.
It's a tribute to every king that has fallen down from their pedestal inside us: love,family, government, religion, salvation, childhood, past, future, the uncontrolled anger, the irrefutable reason, dishonor, disgrace, princesses in a castle, heroes.
I intend to build a monument to shame, a monument that reminds us who we are behind the character of every day.

Father's Death 2011,color

MeHolesMe 2011,color

MeHolesMe from Alicia Medina on Vimeo.

Falacias 2011,color

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